Yay! A new update! Here’s hoping I can manage to get the next one done before vacation time!

While I’m fully aware that three square meals is generally a good thing, I never really experienced this sort of reaction from skipping lunch (a bad habit I have) until I came into this country. I don’t know if it’s because everyone feels the need to show concern, or if it really is some sort of crime to skip a meal. I know some people also often have coworkers asking if they need to go to the hospital after they’ve lost some weight. It really is amazing the little things people we work with notice about us.

I was hoping the comic would make things a little self explanatory, but here are some translations anyway:

점심 = Lunch
다이어트 = Diet
괜찮아? = Are you okay? (it can also be used as a response that means something like “I’m okay”)
어디 아파요? = Are you sick/hurt? (formal)

Has anyone else ever experienced this? My coworkers usually force me to sit down with them and eat whatever they’re eating at the time, but I’ve also had situations where people felt the need to run to the nearest convenient store to buy me whatever they could. This even seemed to happen when I had already told everyone that I was planning to eat at a fancy buffet for a friend’s birthday (I was telling the truth!).

Now, I’m not complaining by any means. I really do appreciate the kindness, and it’s always nice to feel like someone really cares about you, but I fear that the fine people of this country are totally not helping me lose any weight. It seems like the only viable excuses for not eating are dieting (which doesn’t always work) and/or being very sick (which means you have to go to the hospital).

By the way, if anyone has been trying to reach me at my dearkoreacomic@gmail.com email address, I sincerely apologize for not responding as of late! I had lost access to the account and I just NOW got it fixed! I’ll be sending out proper responses soon!

Until next time!