This week’s comic was drawn live in front of a studio audience! Well, not exactly…but it was still live! Here’s a big thanks to everyone that came to watch me draw! Now you know my random comic secrets! I had so much fun, I’m pretty sure I’ll do again real soon.

The situation in this strip has actually happened to multiple friends of mine in varying degrees. Some of them just received random gifts from complete strangers while others were literally forcefed delicious food by old ladies. I think it’s kind of adorable, but I can see how it would be confusing and a little terrifying for those that don’t see it coming. If it’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure no one out there is doing this maliciously.

When I was a cute kid (which was a long, LONG time ago), I got this a lot from older Koreans. Now that I’m much older and a lot less cute, I don’t get it nearly as much. My more obvious expat friends seem to get this kind of treatment much more often, but I still get the occassional treat from some of the locals. I just hate it when they try to give me soju.