Anyone who has any sort of presence on the internet is probably well aware of all of the drama that’s been going on in the states. Needless to say, it’s been having a bit of an impact on my desire to move back. This goes double when taking people like my significant other (as well as other friends) into consideration.

Please do keep in mind that I’m not trying to say that South Korea is better or worse than the United States in any way. No country is without its flaws, and the country I’m living in now is not exempt from that. I am well aware of some of the very serious issues that occur here, and am only speaking from my personal experiences with each strip I have drawn and will draw. All that being said, despite the problems that still plague citizens and expats alike, there’s a certain comfort that comes with knowing that the likelihood of anyone getting shot by the police is highly unlikely here.

I would probably include a personal story or some sort of anecdote, but I’ve honestly been pretty stumped on what to say as of late. All I can really say is that it’s been a rough few weeks in a very rough year.